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If you’re interested in contributing a guest article about technology to our well-respected tech blog, you’ve come to the right place as we welcome submissions for Write For US Technology Guest Posts.

Please be aware that our technology-focused blog is open to contributions in the form of guest articles.

Our technology blog is now open for guest contributions. We are calling on tech bloggers, those proficient in technology, business proprietors, content creators, digital marketing specialists, and SEO professionals to share their insights as guest authors by writing about topics related to technology.

Participants are encouraged to openly submit any tech-related concepts to TechPager. We constantly seek fresh and engaging contributors to provide guest articles on our platform.

Our primary aim is to deliver content that is both well-investigated and of superior quality to our cherished readers, ensuring that they gain valuable knowledge.

TechPager is a premier blog that focuses on the latest in technology and digital innovation, encompassing a wide range of subjects such as Business, Gadgets, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Computers, the Internet, Digital Change, Gaming, YouTube Promotions, and Artificial Intelligence.

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You May “Write for Us” on The Following Topics

We are constantly in search of skilled writers capable of crafting content that is both expert and enlightening for our cherished readers. If you’re unsure about how to compose content for a guest post, you can draw inspiration from leading marketing and SEO blogs. Backlinko Neil Patel will provide you with a comprehensive tutorial on how to craft a guest post pitch and submit your guest post at no cost.

Should you be prepared to contribute content related to our reader’s interests, please consider our platform as the destination for your writing. Here, you’re invited to craft and forward a guest article on any of the subjects listed below.

  • Technology blog
  • Mobile technology
  • Gadget
  • Digital Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Gaming
  • Internet of Things
  • Computer
  • Business
  • Technology business
  • Information technology

Guidelines: Write for Us Technology Blog Post

We’re delighted that you’re interested in contributing to our platform! However, to ensure the success of your guest article submission, please make sure to review our guidelines for guest posts before you begin crafting your content.

To begin with, we would like to inform you that our primary requirement is for content that is both perceptive and thoroughly investigated to satisfy our readership. Should your article be approved, you stand to gain additional advantages since it will be exposed to our extensive readership as a featured guest post.

  •  Guest post pitch: Initially, submit your guest post concepts to us, allowing you to obtain authorization to contribute to our content.
  •  Write original content: The guest post material you submit must be free of grammatical errors, as well as educational, original, engaging, not advertorial, and well-crafted.
  •  Make it readable: Craft compelling and impactful material by incorporating attention-grabbing headlines, bullet points, subheadings, and brief paragraphs.
  •  Word Limit: From an SEO perspective, the length of your content matters significantly. Aim to have your article fall between 800 to 1000 words.
  •  Relevant images: For your guest article, we require three to four pertinent pictures. These will help to enhance the article’s authentic feel. Please ensure that the images you send are of a small file size and that they are royalty-free.
  •  Plagiarism free   :  your article will be passed through Copyscape tool We will dismiss the material if we discover any instances of plagiarism, rewriting, or spinning. Kindly take the time to read through the content. Google webmaster Guideline.
  •  Guest post sample Please provide us with evidence of your credibility as a top-tier guest blogger or writer by sharing links to your previously published guest posts.
  •  Author bio: Remember to include a personal picture and a brief biography of the author at the conclusion of the article. In the author’s biography, you have the option to insert a single link that is associated with the brand name.
  •  Add backlinks: We permit the inclusion of one to two external hyperlinks within the article. Additionally, we accept certain reputable links to enhance the article’s authenticity.
  •  Keep it actionable: Ensure that your guest article provides practical advice for our audience, as it’s important that the content you contribute has clear recommendations and aids them in implementing beneficial adjustments in their daily routines.
  •  Keep it relevant: The article you submit must pertain to the central topic of the blog. . 
  •  Make it engaging: Compose engaging and insightful content that captivates your audience and draws the reader in.
  •  Revision: Once an article is published, we do not permit any changes to be made, so please ensure that the article you submit is accurate before it goes live.

What We Don’t Publish?

Too much Promotion:

Should you consider contributing content to our platform, remember that guest blogging serves as a platform to display your abilities and knowledge to a vast audience. We do not endorse any services or deals on our technology-focused site. Our visitors frequent our blog in search of valuable insights and targeted guidance.

Already Published Article:

Our blog welcomes articles that provide useful information and deep understanding. We do not accept any articles that have been previously published elsewhere. Even if you make some revisions, there will be no chance of your article being approved for publication on our site.

Deceptive Information:

Refrain from including false details in your article. When incorporating images and info graphics from external websites, ensure you properly acknowledge them within your piece.

Irrelevant Topics:

Please note that our website does not accept guest post submissions on topics that are not relevant to our focus area. Before you begin writing a guest post for us, make sure you review our guidelines for technology-related contributions.

How to Propose and Send a Guest Article on Technology?

Should you believe you possess valuable insights or content to contribute to our tech-focused platform without any cost, we invite you to join our digital technology community. Please share your proposals for a guest article with us, and we will consider them for potential inclusion.

If your article has been prepared according to the guest post guidelines we’ve specified, please submit it to us or get in touch for further communication. Feel free to reach out to us by providing the necessary contact details.

  • Guest Post Topics Ideas
  • Previously Published Guest Post
  • Subject Line: Interested in Contributing to TechPager?
  • Author Bio & Personal Photo
  • Relevant Article
  • Relevant Image

What Occurs Once Your Guest Article is Chosen for Publishing?

Your article has been chosen for submission, which will undoubtedly be delightful news for you as the website’s administrator. Our editorial staff will review your submission and inform you if there are any modifications required in the content. We request you to respond promptly to any requests for revisions we may send you regarding the article.

Certain authoritative blogs compensate guest writers for contributing content. However, such arrangements are not offered on some platforms. 99 tech post  .

Following the completion of our evaluation, we will inform you of the scheduled date for your guest post to go live and provide you with the direct link to the published post.

 Important After you submit the content for your guest post, please be prepared for a waiting period before receiving an update, due to the high volume of guest blogging inquiries we receive. Rest assured, we will inform you of the outcome regarding your submission. Contact us  for guest blogging.

Why Write for us + Technology Free or Paid?

Why should you submit a guest post to TechPager? Our tech-focused website attracts a significant number of visitors and benefits from strong SEO metrics. Additionally, you have the option to monitor your website’s traffic using SEO tools like Semrush and Ahrefs.

We also distribute your article across our social media platforms, enabling access to your intended audience who is consistently eager for the insights provided in your piece. Below, you will find a selection of website data and SEO metrics designed to assist you in determining whether to submit a guest post.

Examples of Accepted Guest Posts

Take a look at example guest posts and compose your article in a similar style. Begin by submitting your proposed topics for guest posts for us to approve. We will assess your suggestions and decide on the definitive topic for the guest post. It’s crucial that the topics you provide haven’t been previously discussed on my blog.

Advantages from Contributing a Guest Article to A Technology Blog?

Get More Traffic:

The principal motive for submitting a guest post is to attract additional visitors and elevate your site’s position on search engine listings. By contributing a top-notch piece to our blog, it stands a chance to outperform rival sites on Google. When individuals search for terms related to your article, they’re likely to discover it on Google, engage with your content, and follow any links provided within it to your blog, ultimately increasing the number of visitors to your site.

Help in Promoting Your Business:

Contributing as a guest author on our technology blog is an excellent strategy to enhance your online visibility and promote your business. By writing for us, you can significantly increase visitor flow to your website.

Social Media Sharing:

Our social media presence boasts several thousand followers. When you contribute a guest post, we’ll promote it across our social media accounts, enhancing the visibility of your brand. Leveraging social media sharing can significantly increase visitor flow to your blog. We invite you to begin contributing content related to technology and digital transformation.

Acquire long-lasting backlinks with significant authoritative strength.

Contributing a guest article is a distinctive and potent strategy for acquiring organic backlinks for your blog. Typically, blog owners permit you to include a backlink within the author biography section. Therefore, remember to include the author bio within your submission to reveal the individual responsible for the excellent content. Once published, your guest contribution will remain permanently on our technology blog.

How You Can Make Connection with us?

You can contact us directly through Contact US You can locate us on Google by utilizing these specific search queries for guest posting.

Search Techniques for Locating Tech-Focused Guest Blogging Blogs.

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FAQ for Guest Post on Technology Blog

Here are a few frequently asked questions that might assist you in gaining a better understanding of guest blogging.

How do I go about contributing a guest article to TechPager.org?

To have your guest post published on TechPager, you must adhere to the following procedures.

  • Begin by presenting the topic of your proposed guest article, and following our examination, we will offer a definitive subject suggestion.
  • You are free to compose the piece covering the subject suggested by our group.
  • Should your paper be prepared for release, please forward it to [email protected].
  • Our team will evaluate your article and ensure its publication within a week.
  • If the topics you provide aren’t suitable for our intended readers, we’ll recommend alternative ones. Select one from the options we offer and begin crafting your article.

Am I able to modify and submit again an article that was previously declined?

Indeed, we permit you to modify the article if it is declined for any reason. You have the opportunity to revise the content and submit it back to us for further evaluation.

What criteria must be met for submitting a guest post?

The submitted article must be thoroughly researched, provide deep understanding, and contain no grammatical errors. Additionally, we require images that are not subject to copyright and a short biography of the author accompanied by a portrait photograph.

What is the ideal length for an article that I submit as a guest post?

When submitting a guest blog post, it’s advisable to compose a complete article since Google favors longer articles and tends to position them better in search engine results pages (SERPs). The appropriate length for an article can vary based on the topic. However, we welcome submissions that contain between 800 to 1200 words.

When will my guest post be published?

We don’t delay in posting articles to our blog. However, at times we get a high volume of requests to submit guest posts. As a result, your article may have to wait in line. Our editorial team will go through it and reach out if there are any comments or suggestions. If your article meets our criteria, expect to see it published within 4 to 5 days.

How can I determine whether the administrator has approved or declined my article submission?

An email will be sent to the address you provided during our guest post correspondence to notify you regarding the status of your submission. The TechPager team will aim to provide you with a prompt update on whether your article has been accepted or not.

How can I determine whether my article is suitable for your blog?

Begin by reviewing our guidelines for guest posts to become familiar with the types of content we feature on our blog. Additionally, it’s important to browse through our blog section to grasp the voice of the site and the nature of our readership.

Please propose topics for guest posts and await our confirmation before you begin writing. Ensure that the article adheres to our blog’s standards before submitting it to our official email address. Include an engaging title, pertinent images, and utilize bullet points in the content.

What advantages can one gain from publishing a guest article on TechPager?

Certainly, guest blogging is an effective method for creating high-quality dofollow links for your blog. Digital marketers and bloggers employ this off-page SEO tactic to achieve quicker search engine optimization results on search engine platforms.

Since 2020, I’ve actively engaged in guest blogging to improve my search engine rankings. However, I’ve noticed that each blog has its own set of rules for accepting guest post submissions.

You have to keep the blog guideline in your mind when you write articles for any blogs. Guest blogging is also considered an effective SEO technique to drive the traffic to your blog.